inspiration: ____fabrics interseason, vienna

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____fabrics interseason, vienna
wally salner, johannes schweiger

the coordinates of fashion and design in general, contemporary fine arts, cultural history, performance and (electronic) music describe the areas and interfaces, within which ___fabrics interseason locate and position their works and projects. in accordance with their artistic method, the projects, performances and the collections and presentation are based upon concepts which are developed from an intensive research of socio-political discourses and phenomena.

___fabrics interseason are interested in codes, which manifest themselves in individual and collective clothing patterns, in identity-generated values and their readability. the collections do not only function as the analysis of these codes and even the analyses of a live within a surface (with all their socio-political implications); but because of their ability to be worn, they also infiltrate an exclusive and highly individual lifestyle by deliberately proclaiming a critical or political stance. the approach to fabrics, textiles and fashion not only happens on a "superficial" level, the main interests are set on the content and life within a surface.

___fabrics interseason present their collections twice a year during paris pret-a-porter fashion week and continually take part in international art-exhibitions.

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