the dream

so last night i had this dream. i was in a dimly lit, expensive hair salon, sitting in the chair. the stylist was sophisticated in a "i live in france, i smoke cigarettes and drink wine for breakfast, sorta way". i told her to bend down. i said, "i know this sounds strange but i want a conceptual haircut." she nodded. she began pulling and cutting and buzzing and the next thing i knew the temples of my head started to tingle but i still felt hair at my nape. she wheeled me around.
"here is your conceptual haircut. it is a bad haircut, but what really is a good haircut? she said in a questioning tone and proud exhale.
i did have a flowing mane in the back but the top was ratted up and sloppy while the sides were unevenly buzzed off. she had used a knife to cut slash marks now dripping blood off the sides of my head. the perfect conceptual cut.

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