Lichtenberg would never borrow all his ideas?

hairy boots = rick owens rtw 07!
leggings = who came first brian or AA?
one shoulder/padded shoulder = balmain
crocheted/hooked tops = rodarte
protrusions = ktz along with others
fur arm bands = balenciaga
shiny pants = preen
shin guards = every fashion bloggers new favorite show accessory

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AJ said...

Such posts are made by children. It's so painfully obvious that you are new to fashion-- citing references to collections very new, and very popular like they were the pioneers. Vivienne Westwood showed loose knit sweaters before Rodarte girls ever heard of mohair; shoulder pads have been making rounds for decades, and have been done much more chic than Balmain, but hey, they are on every blog right now so I'm not surprised you mentioned them! Shiny fabrics, one shoulder, leggings? Are you serious? I could name 100 collections in the past 10 years that include these elements in EVERY SHOW.

Fashion moves in waves darling, and I would take that into consideration before throwing out accusations like this on a public forum-- especially when it shows your fashion reference is only a season or two deep.