needed: hair stylist that is slightly crazy or artist that is slightly gifted with hair

just the other day I was contemplating which chunk of my head to dye bright magenta and then—POOF! I see Yohji Yamamoto's fall hair-do's! they appear to be spray on which is nice for the uplifting/ratting hairspray volume/texture but I don't think I like the idea of my hair color washing off on my clothing. so I will have to take a more permanent plunge. the key is to not look like Averil Levine or a funky, hollywood stripper and to aim to look artsy-fartsy. tomorrow i will look into matters.
addendum: so just googled some hair dye jobs.......oh soooo many bad ones. maybe there is no way to do this without looking like a teenager rebelling against parents. hmm. why do models have all the fun. we shall see.
Yohji Yamamoto

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