do you have your summer look yet?

so it is decided between these or maybe a combination of:

a. hippy gets punked: vintage florals and flowery, flowy items, light/white button-ups and light pants all dipped in black ink. considering structural, bold black items bleached in reverse. hair would have to be slicked, parted and then frizzed out at the ends. it's all about the fight.

2. pattern crazy: everything has to be patterns, a real mix and match nightmare from florals to stripes. envisioning floral, flowy pants, black heels, and oversized patterns on top with the highest braidbunhead ever.

III. DIY bulk deal: buy a box of bulk T's (all same color). commit to only wearing those T's all summer by altering and deconstructing to make shirts, pants, ripped up, mended together, sculpted...

need a summer look? let TRYHARDER be your fashion look line. call now, operators are standing by.

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Anonymous said...

I simply can no longer put off telling you that this. blog. is. magnificent!!!

And I vote for (a).