Dello Russo said...

  • A faux pas is not a negative thing, it’s a positive.
  • Don’t carry a big handbag—it makes for a lot of trouble. A small bag is more personal, more about you.
  • Wear night clothes in the daytime. This is my favorite rule to break, because every day is a fashion day. Every day you have to be an optimist.
  • Be bold—always a provocative message. Don’t think about what people want from you. Have the philosophy of children. They don’t put limits on their fantasy.
  • I like to go to the airport perfectly dressed up. Then on the plane, I change into my Abercrombie pants.
  • If you’re not that important, you cannot be wearing sunglasses inside.
  • I prefer to go barefoot rather than wear cheap shoes.
  • Take the best from every woman that you know. I always copy women I see who dress well.
  • Take inspiration from books, magazines, literature, poets. Fashion needs a lot of culture.
  • Don’t eat or drink during a fashion show. It’s not polite.

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